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Does it Pay to Swap on Electronic Cigarette ?

Does it Pay to Swap on Electronic Cigarette ?

Wheter E Cigarette are Cheaper ?

Heavy smoker annually burn about 7,200 cigarettes every five years gives them up to 36000 I dread to think how after all this time look lungs. Quitting smoking is a difficult nut to crack for people who are poisonous baton” welcome to breakfast and bid farewell to the pillow, and many attempts to get rid of this unhealthy habit ended in failure. The most common mistake when quitting smoking is the conscience of enthusiasm and lack of self-control skills after a few or several hours getting to craving and desire to smoke a cigarette is so strong, that of course we succumb instead to persevere in itself posed to

Are e-cigarettes are cheaper than the ordinary ?

The solution in this case can be e-cigarettes, which are an excellent means of supporting smoking cessation and most importantly much healthier than the standard cigarette smoking! 5600 toxic compounds of which many are carcinogenic that are inhaled with tobacco smoke have nothing to do with a pair of imitation by the electronic cigarette, because research confirms that this couple has no harmful properties of the human body, because its main ingredients or propylene glycol and glycerin, because they do not appear on any list of harmful substances. Of course there are exceptions, because the e-liquids (oils) which is an integral part of electronic cigarettes, some manufacturers add formaldehyde, nitrosamine, and acetaldehyde, which are compounds that are carcinogenic and it is best every time checking labels and warehouses eliquids on purchases to later there was disappointment finding out about the disease.

Benefits of Vape a E Cigarette ?

E-smoking is also the advantages of the subject of aesthetics, because first of all, Farewell is an unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke, which every heavy smoker behind carries, in addition, is improving the state of our skin, nails, teeth and hair, which after a few days, regain its former shine! The advantages of electronic cigarettes are also included safety, because using it does not bring risk of fire and thanks to the fact that at the end there are no smoldering tip you do not have to worry about burns and after the completion of the act of smoking, you can easily put it into his pocket. Electronic cigarette should be used only during the throwing of standard cigarettes and be used in order to cope with hunger nicotine and a strong desire to smoking. Absolutely no benefits do not flow from any “letting go of the balloon,” and instead of shorten your life, which of course is very short is better to think about a healthy diet and some sport!

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What we known about the dangers of e-cigarettes?

What we known about the dangers of e-cigarettes?

E-Smoking it is safe ?

About the dangers of smoking is said for many years. Negative feedback expose doctors, scientists, researchers, and even ordinary people who have some experience with smoking. Most recently for a healthier habit has been recognized e-smoking, so it is more often the tests. It was noted that it does not affect so negative impact on human health, which is why more and more people are opting for no flips. But these people act properly?

What are the disadvantages of e-smoking?

In fact, no addiction is not good for a human. Happy person should not have any problems with any habit, because it is they still feel some kind of pressure. If you failed to secure his “source of happiness”, quickly worsen the atmosphere, feeling and disappears her energy and strength to act. Addictions are usually negative, because a man without them is not able to function normally. They are guided so his life, and he can not drive it himself. Moreover, even e-smoking can harm because they still do not know yet what it is exactly the effect on the human body. Of course, scientists are constantly studying electronic cigarettes, but the results of their tests are not identical. They differ from each other significantly, because sometimes it is hard to tell where opinions, it is worth trust.

Conflicting Scientific opinions

In addition, e-smoking, despite the fact that it is cheaper than traditional smoking harms Home-budget. Man can very quickly make a low e cigarettes, even if it does not add nicotine to them. Through it still starts buying new e-liquids, what of course lose. It is one of the main disadvantages of Vape.

Is so you want to draw in any addiction? This question everyone must himself answer. Perhaps e-smoking is healthier than the traditional, but further has a lot of flaws. Extracts of people a lot of money and it is possible that harms their health. The best so do not pull in any addictions, to live a happy, healthy, safe and dignified life.


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Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Best Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Electronic Cigarette Aspire Premium Starter Kit


Electronic Cigarette Premium Aspire is an elegant and yet technologically advanced electronic cigarette. Kit consists of a battery Aspire VV CF + and Clearomizer Nautilus Mini. The battery uses some revolutionary solutions of the Aspire clearly raised the bar – solid construction of stainless steel and carbon fiber, pin-plus, thanks to which the battery pin is always perfectly connected with the thread Clearomizer. Nautilus Mini is a smaller version of the famous Nautilus BDC. In this while clearomizer they launched a series of new heaters, patented by Aspire – the so-called. BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil. The originality of this system lies in the vertical alignment of the heater. This solution provides us, as the manufacturer, longer life, better taste and higher donating clouds of smoke. Clearomizer convenient design allows for easy carrying and refilling again. Nautilus Mini is fully demountable.

Electronic Cigarette Aspire Premium Kit:

length of the entire e-cigarette: 178 mm
e-cigarette weight: 333.5 g
Battery Length: 77 mm
Battery diameter: 17.4 mm
The length of the Nautilus Mini: 72.85 mm
Capacity Nautilus Mini: 2 ml
Set contains:
1 Clearomizer Nautilus Mini
1 Battery Aspire CF VV +
5 back-up heaters for Nautilus Mini
1 USB charger
1 adapter

Kangertech Subox 50W Mini Ireland

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E-Cigarette Facts and Myths

After the article about Groving Market of E Cigarette

Today finally something about the Facts and Myths of E-Cig`s





E-cig was launched in 2007 and offers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Most e cigarette resembles the ordinary. The main difference is the way of action – e-cigarette do not contain tobacco.

Mechanism of Action

Instead, we find there a mechanism which heats the juice nicotine, which turns to steam, inhaled and exhaled by smokers. Manufacturers and satisfied customers say it is a new way of smoking is much better than traditional cigarettes. This opinion is not shared by some health experts and research centers. There are questions about the possible side effects of inhalation of vapors, as well as other risks that may pose e-cig – both users and the public.
Supporters and opponents of

Proponents of e cig say that they feel better using the device than if they smoked tobacco cigarettes, and because ecigarette is reusable, save money.

Some praise electroniccigarette, telling that helped them quit smoking. But if the electronic cigarette safe? Is it a healthier option of taking nicotine, or the more adventurous choice?

Any person considering the purchase of the device and its use should know the following facts:

(No) Smoking

e cigarette may look like ordinary cigarettes, but there is one major difference – you do not need matches or a lighter. Instead, they have a battery cartridge, atomizer and clearomizer. The device comes to heat the e-juice and the formation of mist, which the user inhales. Nicotine is delivered to the lungs, and exhaled. Everything looks just like an ordinary cigarette while smoking. However, there is no smell or toxic substances.

Many research agencies and health experts are not sure whether the e-cig is safe. Although there are hundreds of companies worldwide that produce and sell ecigarette, the manufacturers are not subject to any rules relating to health security. Some health experts are concerned that the side effects of inhaling pure nicotine have not yet been sufficiently explored and are therefore unknown. In addition, some manufacturers do not disclose all the chemical components in their e-cigarettes. The amount of nicotine may therefore not correspond to information given in the catalogs.

e-cigarette are sold internationally and can be easily purchased online. Were originally invented in China by Ruyan, but are now produced by several companies in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Impact on children

ecigarette manufacturers claim that their products are not directed at young people and children. However, their offer will find a wide range of flavors that may appeal to children – chocolate, caramel, strawberry and even chewing gum. In addition, electronic cigarette are sold online, to facilitate purchases to non-18.


electronic cigarette are available at different prices, depending on the manufacturer, model, and style. A typical starter kit, which includes electroniccigarette, battery and several e juice, can cost from 20 to 80 EUR. Consumers can purchase eliquid bulk and complement it by yourself, which reduces costs.


electronic-cigarette are battery-powered, reusable, but users need to be regularly recharged. Some users have complained about the need for frequent battery replacement, but it all depends on the quality of the device and purchased the battery.

Public places

e-cigarette is a relatively young invention. Around the world has not yet been included in the legal codes. In many countries, you can use it even where traditional smoking is prohibited.


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The growing market of e cigarette

Last time was about The future of Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Today let`s talk about The growing market

The Irish market of E-Cigarette work more and more retailers and points involved in the sale of e-cigarette and related accessories. electronic-cigarette are relatively cheap, as well as their parts and oil necessary for e-smoking. We find many different models of e cigarette. Most of them falls in the price range from 30 to 60 EUR. Additionally, you can choose flavor and nicotine strenght. It is worth mentioning that e cig can be used even in places smokefree. In our country, ecig are not treated as tobacco products. Therefore, they can be used virtually anywhere.


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Is the electronic-cigarette to help me to stop smoking?

Last time was about  Forest e-Juice for e-cigarette


E-Cigarette in some cases be very helpful. People highly dependent on the ordinary cigarettes are counting on it, it will help kick the habit. Is it possible?

Uneven fight, E-Smoking without fire….

Electronic cigarettes may ensure complete satisfaction of craving. E-smoker gets the same dose of nicotine as before, but limits the inhalation of toxic and carcinogenic compounds. The use of e-smoking does not involve any combustion processes. The device is heated fluid containing only nicotine. The result is the formation of a specific haze. The body is not therefore reach no other substances than nicotine. It’s definitely much more healthy solution. Fighting the addiction takes place also at the level of the psyche. Most traditional smokers for many years made a name for certain habits. At this point, you can indicate another advantage of e-cigarette. They are confusingly similar to ordinary cigarettes and emit smoke. This allows you to meet the needs arising from the acquired habits, and habits. These important features are missing other measures supporting smoking cessation.



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