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Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit

Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit

Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit Ireland

Genuine Electronic Cigarette Therion Squank 75W by Lost Vape



Although in my little paws so far there have been many Squonkthat is looking at the older brothers Therion DNA 75/133 the electronic box mod I would have at home in the collection. Quality put on a very high place, really well matched components and reliable electronics – users say about these box mod superlativesnow some information about the new Lost Vape Therion Squonk.

Squonksimply, feeding e liquid by pressing the bottle, the hose and then to the evaporator + pin. Solution mega comfortable – frees us from the need to constantly refilling / dripping the dripper.

Therion previous versions is one of the better performers an the market in this price range, here the design and dimensions remain virtually unchanged – flap (rear body) has an additional groove to press the bottle and pin head enables the flow of e-liquid.

On board electronics DNA 75 – reliable, stable, easy to use, but also very advanced thanks to dedicated software EScrib you can personalize in a thousand ways.

At the top of 24mm head with spring, gold-plated pin +. Right next to the laser logo Therion. The front panel is the same arrangement as with older brothersthe fire button, the LED indicates the changes taking place in the mod, large display OLED diagonal 0.91 inch with adjustable contrast and brightness via software, two control buttons and microUSB port for charging the battery intensity of 1 amp and software updates.
Removable panel was covered in part natural skin that looks great – adds character device, improves grip and is available in four textures and colors. On the sides of the power placed inserts from natural wood Ebon – and this is another proof and reason to recognize this power as a class premium.

Therion Squank 75W is powered by a single battery 18650 – battery placed next to a bottle of probably 7-9 ml capacity (manufacturer did not give the current specific parameters).
In the package you get 24mm dripper Delirium by Lost Vapevery basic designfits nicely come to power.
Dripper has a database velocity styles, holes with a diameter of 2.5mm x 2mm, a large drip on e-liquid and 11 mm drip tip. The structure is made of stainless steel, brass pin + nickel plated. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity and again … BUT! Greatly appreciates the fact that the price of the set is really quite small and given the fact that the evaporators for Squonk sets are very few popular manufacturer is doing us a huge gift!

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Cheap alternative for smoking – E Cigarette

Cheap Alternative for smoking – Electronic Cigarette

Many people now care about their health. We try to quit addictions, but often we do not have this strength. For example, stop smoking is very difficult. So what can we do in this situation?

Quitting smoking addiction is not that hard

Stop smoking cigarettes is very hard. However, keep in mind that it is not impossible. Often we can not unlearn the habit. Currently on the market we can purchase electronic cigarettes, which can burn without fear. Not become addicted to them, since such products in their composition does not have nicotine. Their taste is very different, because we can buy different flavors E Liquids. Also, you should know that these products are very economical. Thanks to them will save more money than buying regular cigarettes.

Please note that smoking is harmful not only for ourselves. They suffer including those that are found in our environment. With electronic cigarettes very quickly we get rid of this addiction, and the people around us, and above all, we will be more healthy. We can buy them on the internet, typing password “e cig” or “e cigarette“.

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Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Best Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Electronic Cigarette Aspire Premium Starter Kit


Electronic Cigarette Premium Aspire is an elegant and yet technologically advanced electronic cigarette. Kit consists of a battery Aspire VV CF + and Clearomizer Nautilus Mini. The battery uses some revolutionary solutions of the Aspire clearly raised the bar – solid construction of stainless steel and carbon fiber, pin-plus, thanks to which the battery pin is always perfectly connected with the thread Clearomizer. Nautilus Mini is a smaller version of the famous Nautilus BDC. In this while clearomizer they launched a series of new heaters, patented by Aspire – the so-called. BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil. The originality of this system lies in the vertical alignment of the heater. This solution provides us, as the manufacturer, longer life, better taste and higher donating clouds of smoke. Clearomizer convenient design allows for easy carrying and refilling again. Nautilus Mini is fully demountable.

Electronic Cigarette Aspire Premium Kit:

length of the entire e-cigarette: 178 mm
e-cigarette weight: 333.5 g
Battery Length: 77 mm
Battery diameter: 17.4 mm
The length of the Nautilus Mini: 72.85 mm
Capacity Nautilus Mini: 2 ml
Set contains:
1 Clearomizer Nautilus Mini
1 Battery Aspire CF VV +
5 back-up heaters for Nautilus Mini
1 USB charger
1 adapter

Kangertech Subox 50W Mini Ireland

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Kangertech Subox 50W Mini Ireland

E Cigarette Kanger Subox 50W Starter Kit Ireland


Freshly update about Subox 50W

  • Kanger began shipping May 28 and suggested retail price is $ 80.
  • There was another leafletadvertising.

Part of the things we already knew such as heaters etc. but the picture shows something more important two color options, and something that I had been waiting most removable battery. Now it’s Subox must-have for me. Kanger 50W Mod as could be seen in the photo Subox can provide up to 50W. We know another important parameter mod starts from 0.3 omh.
I wonder, however, Improved RBA work in higher wattage …” – is actually something changed Kanger (compared to the current version Subtank mini – NEW AIR FLOW), if they mean that they put the RBA base with a mini (which is higher) and not that of the first , full-size Subtank.


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Clearomizer Subtank Nano – the Best Atomizer ever for E Cigarette

Mods is a very important part of any e-cigarette, because their job is his power. Therefore, it is very important to have an adequate quality of the product. The same applies to the products which is subtank or Clearomizer. Now we present one worth a look – Kangertech Subtank Nano.


Why Kangertech Subtank Nano? We answer. This product is a completely new design from well-known and reputable manufacturer. The quality of workmanship is pure perfection. Fully detachable design umożlia easy cleaning and plenty of modding, and Subtank was made for this. Airflow control construction provides 3 different position of air flow.

Kangertech Subtank claromizer revolutionary Nano Tank version of Smoktech. With removable base manufacturer gives you the possibility to use the factory heater or your own. Especially for the atomizer has been designed a new type of heaters OCC (OrganicCotton Coil). OCC coil head uses organic cotton wool as a means of transporting liquid which allows to give a clean, crisp taste and smoke billowing email. The whole is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Clearomizer has air flow control.

30W Box Mod

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30W Box Mod

Cloupor Mini 30W is a product of the highest quality, but before you want to buy it or before you want to buy any other Mod or in addition to e-cigarettes, you have to know what exactly they are and how they choose.


Power in the Cloupor Mini is collected from one or more batteries. Batteries have the feature that give VV and Watts that is falling. Decreasing as vaping. Is also a feature of batteries that can instantly give only some part of your energy. About this tells us how much parameters such as the maximum discharge current and maximum instantaneous discharge current. Such is the battery, among other things Cloupor Mini 30W.

Mods, like Cloupor 30W except that connect together all the elements of the e-cigarette in one functional together and comprise a power button or stop the process steam production in the atomizer imediate the transfer of energy from the battery to the clearomizer. This process always involves a loss of some part of the energy by the mod, and such losses arise either from electrical imperfections, or the portion of the energy consumed by a mod for their own needs, and its low efficiency.

New Joyetech 1500Mah VW Mod

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New Joyetech 1500Mah VW Mod

Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod – news for lovers of e-cigarettes!
When the market appears to be something new for your product, all the time, or how often you use, many lovers of such solutions it decides to try. Exactly the same is true in the case of a series of new tanks for liquid required to e-cig evolved even better flavor and tasted much better. This time it’s about Joyetech 20W Egrip 1500 Box – total new on the market!


Why should you be interested in a product which is Joyetech Egrip 20W Mod ? What is it? Is it just another toy or maybe every fan of electronic-cigarettes should be provided with such a device?

We will try to answer these questions by presenting the basic features of what has Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod. That’s it, it is worth mentioning at the outset is a very compact and truly unique prdukt that has features you will not find one anywhere else. It has a built-in replaceable tank atomizer coil. In addition, the product also contains specially built window for you to check the fluid level. Is based on a 1500mAh battery, and the reservoir is 3.5 ml. It also has an adjustable air flow and a small screw at the base turned to the right closes the flow of air. If you turn it to the left, it will open up the flow of air.

Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod is really convenient device available in 5 colors! You need to have them!

Are e-cigarettes addictive ?

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