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10ml e-juice for electronic cigarette from Liqueen

Previous post was about Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Today New product in the shop eLiquid Very Strawberry Liqueen


Distinctive flavor, natural and without the addition of chemical flavors. When vaping tastes like strawberry directly from the bush. Minimally

noticable sweet flavour and yet a little sweet cream. First association of strawberry candy, but it is not sweet and more strawberry.

We recommend as a nice variation of  fruit

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E-liquids, E juice for E-Cigarette what it is ?

E-liquids, E juice for E-Cigarette what it is ?

Juice for electronic cigarettes , which are in a propylene glycol (from about sixty to nearly ninety-seven percent ) , glycerin and nicotine ( from zero to plus or minus three -point- seven percent ) . What’s striking , they appear in a variety of flavors , starting with those reproducing plain tobacco (such as for example Gauloises , Pall Mall, and a multitude of others) , with fruits , and custom flavors (such as , for example, mimic Red Bull ) ending , so definitely guarantee more opportunities sooner than traditional cigarettes.

It is also hinted that Liquids cartridges may be enough statistically to plus or minus two , four , or even six puffs (depending on model) , but it did not finish , because we can also be filled , resulting in a lower Zan price (relative to normal cigarettes) in the long-term dimension .

Naturally , it was not so from the beginning of production of the same instrumentation , since its heyday had to go through a diverse type of failure ( such as failure of the project Premiere ) , and even the end result has not yet been captured , since uninterrupted do not know a hundred percent , or liquidy and generally whether broad electronic cigarettes are completely harmless to health status , but already now (actually , anyway) is deemed to be as an alternative and something that will soon absolute hit among addicted to nicotine.

Meanwhile, however, remains to observe this issue by using its capabilities and doing everything that smoking was the least dangerous to our health , wallet and social relations with nonsmokers .

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