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Aspire Tank Atomizer

There are a lot of interesting atomizers for people who have replaced traditional cigarettes to ecigarette. In fact tanks for e-smokers are so many that it is difficult to feel the boredom during smoking. There are many flavour of e-cig, are the so-called e-liquid that allow you to feel not only the traditional taste while smoking, but also others, such as mint or fruit – depending on who likes what flavour you choose for yourself. However, there are also various additives, such as special gadgets, batteries, chargers and atomizers that allow you to, flavor and taste sensations. Such a device is even Aspire Atlantis clearomizers – a premium product that definitely raises the bar for other products.


Why Aspire  Atlantis Atomizers is worth interesting?

Aspire Atlantis clearomizers is made SS and high quality elements, really good components, for example from stainless fabrics and the producers care about every element to work properly. Aspire Atlantis atomizers is the next generation of the tanks to the electronic cigarette is a product that allows you to adjust the air flow and has a much better flavor when using SUB OHM Coil Heads

Unusual flavors of e-cigarettes liquids


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Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Last time we described Color Clearomizer BCC

Today let`s focus on eGo Ce4+ Clearomizer


All elements (drip tip, sleeve , the heater and the base ) can take to the parts . This solution is in so comfortable that, from now on, in the case when the coil head (the most vulnerable to exploitation and the most part of the wear- Atomizer ) breaks down, it can be replaced without having to order new and original undoubted Clearomizer incurred as a result of minimizing the costs . Replacement coil head you can buy already for 2 euros. Full dismounted clearomizer also allows us a more precise cleaning , and thus to keep it in great condition for a longer period of time.

Aesthetic appearance clearomizer , scoop indicating the level contained in the sleeve liquid: as well as high resistance used to create it plastic – it all makes clearomizer eGo Ce4+ unrivaled and leading in its category.

Trivially easy to use ! Clearomizer can be refilled straight from the bottle !
Additional information :

– Thread type – eGo
– Capacity – 1.6ml
– Length – 73mm
– Resistance ~ 2.2-2.4 Ohm

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Have look previous post   BATTERY FOR E-CIGARETTE 650 MAH

Today New Clearomizer H2.


Atomizers are cheaper and better than eGo atomizers Series: does not leak, not heat dry and the taste is not blazing. It is clean and easy to refill (for washing and cleaning the GSH2 clearomizer can use ordinary water).

Clearomizer H2 also known as the GSH2 is the latest product with replacement coil head in the base of  atomizer. These newly designed clearomizers are built with one tube and equipped eGo thread. Atomizer GSH2 filled from the bottom, unscrewing the base of clearomizer, they are made of durable plastic. Characterized by excellent taste and huge amounts of exhaust smoke.

Clearomizer without replacement heating unit enough for 500-600 puffs. GSH2 atomizer has low resistance 2.2ohm-2.4ohm

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