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Joyetech eVic Basic 1500mAh Box Mod

Joyetech eVic Basic 1500mAh Box Mod

Little Box Mod from Joyetech – Basic EVIC

Joyetech would not be themselves if it were not let in another product to offer. This time, the tiny EVIC Basic – devices the likes nugget, mini volts with that from Joyetech. Perhaps this is not a device to huge clouds and winning competitions, but it’s a nice supplement.

Basic eVic will be available as many as 9 colors thus on beginning we face a choice of the appropriate color. Small “evils” will have a 55mm height 32mm depth and 22mm in width.

Basic battery gives us up to 40W continuous adjustable power, we have on board a microUSB port for software update and charge the internal rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. We also have the RTC – real time clock settings, TCR – manual temperature settings, the ability to update the software, and many other options.

At the top section of the panel was located a small, but very nice-looking fire button, just below it disputes OLED display, microUSB port and the control buttons are hidden on the bottom of the eVic Basic. On the bottom we have a hole with a hidden reset button – due to inability to pull out the batteries after any problems with software update.

Joyetech EVIC Basic Specifications:

– The dimensions of 22mm x 32mm x 55mm
– RTC – real time clock
– OLED display
– TCR – manual settings temperature
– Mode Bypass
– Capacity 1500mAh built-in battery
– Support for the wires of nickel, titanium and SS (temperature control)
– Support the resistance mode TC from 0.05 ohm
– Support resistance in the power mode of 0.1 ohm
– Maximum continuously adjustable output power 40W



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Mini Volt V2 40W Box Mod

Mini Volt V2 40W Box Mod

Mini Volt V2 40W by Council of Vapor

Council of Vapor released Mini Volt V2


Mini Volt v2 Small Box Mod

Council of Vapor releases to sell a tiny version of the V2 Mini Volt power supplie, which conquered Europe and the Western market.

Mini Volt if I’m not mistaken was the first power for such small dimensions only 35mm x 22mm x 56mm. These dimensions of Mini Volt V2 do not changeremains the same buttons layout, same construction made of zinc alloy, the same design that has won the hearts of all vapers and the same parameters.

In the Mini Volt V2 battery manufacturer changed the first essential thing. Added the function of fast charging, which will charge the battery with a capacity of 1200mAh in less than 90 minutes from full discharge – for a full charge. Given that this little one charge earlier over 2 hours – I do not see anything special, refresh and release version V2 of Mini Volt is just a marketing exercise rather than something new.

On board remains the same – stableelectronics, which gives you smooth power adjustment from 5 to 40 W. supports the resistance of 0.2 ohm up. OLED display come on very small – but it is clear and is very good fits with the rest.


Mini V2 Volt Technical specifications:

– Power regulation from 5 to 40W
– Fast loading (max 90 minutes from full discharge to full charge)
– The minimum resistance of 0.2 ohm
– Three modes of output
– The dimensions of 35mm x 22mm x 56mm
– Battery Capacity 1200mAh
– A number of current and short-circuit protection
– Display OLED


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Smok Xpro M80 Plus VV/WV Box Mod


SMOK XPRO M80 Plus Ireland

SmokTech Xpro m80 mod plus


XPro M80 mod is the new new Box with a capacity of 4400mAh, produced by well-known company SmokTech. Mod has a very good feature, which is used, inter alia, the aluminum alloy. XPRO M80 Plus allows the user to select the appropriate power range from 6W to 80W up.

The display shows all necessary information: battery level, power, voltage, and resistance heater and temperature control mode temperature is shown. Smok Xpro cope with the low-resistive heaters from 0,2Ohm and has all the standard security. Completely new is the heater temperature control system. (Order for this to work you must use heaters nickel) The temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit from 200 to 900’F.

Xpro M80 Plus offers 3 modes of choice of employment: wattage, mechanical, temperature control. 510 thread allow the installation of most atomizers / clearomizers available on the market. Charging via USB. (passtrought – you can charge and vape).

Smok Xpro M80 Plus setting:
When the Xpro M80 Plus is enabled 3X press the activation button for a short time, in this way we’ll get to the menu. To navigate the menu, press the activation button. If we want to confirm specific setting, wait 2sec.
Example: Click 3 times, wait two seconds and then click it again and again and wait 2 seconds. In this way, you change the operating mode: wattage / mech.

Below is a list of messages that can display in a display case:
– “Check atomizer”: resistance heater is outside the range 0,2-9,9Ohm or there is no “contact” between the modem and the atomizer.
– “Reduced power”: the kumunikat will be displayed when the current capacity of the battery is too weak for the configuration of power / resistance.
– “Weak Battery”: means that the battery voltage is below 3,4V. In this case, connect fashion for charging.
– “Locked Click 5x”: informs us of the blockade fashion. To lock / unlock the fashion press the activation button 5 times within 2sekund.

Xpro M80 Plus kit includes:
80W Smok XPro M80 Plus
-USB -cabel
-instructions manual
-adapter 510 / eGo


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Kanger KBox 40W Ireland

KangerTech Kbox Mox 40W Ireland VW

Kanger KBOX 18650 VW Mod 30W Ireland

28_Kangertech Kbox

First KBox Mod of Kangertech. It is made of an aluminum coating
which makes it lighter than similar competing products
dimensions, while still sturdy. Designed to perfectly
fit in your hands. KangerTech KBox easy to use power adjustment 7 levels
(8W, 13W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W).KBOX 40W it`s suitable for Atomizers with
coils from 0.4Ohm up. KBOX perfectly fitt Atomizer up to 25mm in diameter,
so that no one will protrude beyond the edge of the box.

Kangertech Kbox 40W Details:
-Height: 89mm
-length: 40mm
-Width: Min.20mm, max 25mm
-Bateria 18650 (SOLD SEPARATELY!)
-Scope Power: 8-40W


Features of KBOX 40W
Short circuit protection against short circuits
Short circuit protection against accidental activation (voltage cut-off after 10s)
-Replecable Batteries
Seroconversion degree battery charge
-Adjustable Power
-Pin Positive for the spring, which allows for a smooth fit
each evaporator.
-protection High current

How to use KBOX 40W VW Mod:
18650 battery put on by loosening the lock at the base of the box.
-To On / Off push the main button 5 times in 3 seconds.
-To fire simply press the main button
-Change the power, press the small button at the bottom of the housing, power
will grow up to 40W, and then jump back to 8W.


Clearomizer Subtank Nano – the Best Atomizer ever for E Cigarette


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Previous post was about E-Cigarette Joyetech eGo-C 650mAh

Finally we would like introduce Battery EVOD 1100mAh

eBattery EVOD is a new version of acclaimed by users classical model eGo battery for e-cig.
Suitable for most available clearomizers with eGo/510 thread.
battery for e cigarette has length is 8.3 cm. Her true capacity of 650 mAh allows for a very long time use.
We have these powerful versions of 1100mAh which will satisfy even the most demanding vapours
It is made of high quality materials. This is a powerful battery for electronic cigarette that can be recharged many times.
The Battery maintains a voltage of 3.75 V-3, 2V, until it is discharged
The battery for e-cig has a 3 – signaling a gradual discharge.
Highlight Color button shows the current level of Battery charge.
You already have quite standard colors?

Available Evod Battery colors :

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Battery eGo V V3 Mega 1300mAh

Battery eGo V V3 Mega 1300mAh

Already know the batteries Spinner II 1600mAh 

Today turn to Battery eGo-V V3 1300 mAh MEGA

Battery eGo-V V3

with a capacity of 1300 mAh – elegant, the latest version of the eGo battery-V V2 passthrough with digital adjustable voltage of 3-6V and adjustable power from 3-15W (watts). Easy to read LCD display (light green) indicates the set values ​​and the level of battery charge. The display also can indicate heater resistances used. The indicated value can be written, by pressing the two buttons (+) and (-) for 5 seconds. In this way we block the possibility of accidental disturbance of our settings.

Perfectly suitable for all kinds of Rebuildable Atomizers such as SS Steam Turbine Atomizer

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Last time we describe about New e Juices for Electronic Cigarette Liqua

Today we introduice youself  NEW! The latest, improved generation of batteries Vision Spinner – Spinner II 1600mAh

A completely new, elegant appearance hides the eGo battery is also completely new interior.

The huge capacity of 1600mAh allows for many hours of continuous use battery. Protection (PCB) increases battery life. Adjusting the voltage is done using a completely new, convenient knob (on a scale from 3.3 V to 4.8 V)

LED color in the button indicates the battery level so you always know in advance when you need to charge the battery.

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