What we known about the dangers of e-cigarettes?

06 Feb
What we known about the dangers of e-cigarettes?

E-Smoking it is safe ?

About the dangers of smoking is said for many years. Negative feedback expose doctors, scientists, researchers, and even ordinary people who have some experience with smoking. Most recently for a healthier habit has been recognized e-smoking, so it is more often the tests. It was noted that it does not affect so negative impact on human health, which is why more and more people are opting for no flips. But these people act properly?

What are the disadvantages of e-smoking?

In fact, no addiction is not good for a human. Happy person should not have any problems with any habit, because it is they still feel some kind of pressure. If you failed to secure his “source of happiness”, quickly worsen the atmosphere, feeling and disappears her energy and strength to act. Addictions are usually negative, because a man without them is not able to function normally. They are guided so his life, and he can not drive it himself. Moreover, even e-smoking can harm because they still do not know yet what it is exactly the effect on the human body. Of course, scientists are constantly studying electronic cigarettes, but the results of their tests are not identical. They differ from each other significantly, because sometimes it is hard to tell where opinions, it is worth trust.

Conflicting Scientific opinions

In addition, e-smoking, despite the fact that it is cheaper than traditional smoking harms Home-budget. Man can very quickly make a low e cigarettes, even if it does not add nicotine to them. Through it still starts buying new e-liquids, what of course lose. It is one of the main disadvantages of Vape.

Is so you want to draw in any addiction? This question everyone must himself answer. Perhaps e-smoking is healthier than the traditional, but further has a lot of flaws. Extracts of people a lot of money and it is possible that harms their health. The best so do not pull in any addictions, to live a happy, healthy, safe and dignified life.


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