Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit

03 Nov
Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit

Lost Vape Therion Squonk DNA 75 E Cigarette Starter Kit Ireland

Genuine Electronic Cigarette Therion Squank 75W by Lost Vape



Although in my little paws so far there have been many Squonkthat is looking at the older brothers Therion DNA 75/133 the electronic box mod I would have at home in the collection. Quality put on a very high place, really well matched components and reliable electronics – users say about these box mod superlativesnow some information about the new Lost Vape Therion Squonk.

Squonksimply, feeding e liquid by pressing the bottle, the hose and then to the evaporator + pin. Solution mega comfortable – frees us from the need to constantly refilling / dripping the dripper.

Therion previous versions is one of the better performers an the market in this price range, here the design and dimensions remain virtually unchanged – flap (rear body) has an additional groove to press the bottle and pin head enables the flow of e-liquid.

On board electronics DNA 75 – reliable, stable, easy to use, but also very advanced thanks to dedicated software EScrib you can personalize in a thousand ways.

At the top of 24mm head with spring, gold-plated pin +. Right next to the laser logo Therion. The front panel is the same arrangement as with older brothersthe fire button, the LED indicates the changes taking place in the mod, large display OLED diagonal 0.91 inch with adjustable contrast and brightness via software, two control buttons and microUSB port for charging the battery intensity of 1 amp and software updates.
Removable panel was covered in part natural skin that looks great – adds character device, improves grip and is available in four textures and colors. On the sides of the power placed inserts from natural wood Ebon – and this is another proof and reason to recognize this power as a class premium.

Therion Squank 75W is powered by a single battery 18650 – battery placed next to a bottle of probably 7-9 ml capacity (manufacturer did not give the current specific parameters).
In the package you get 24mm dripper Delirium by Lost Vapevery basic designfits nicely come to power.
Dripper has a database velocity styles, holes with a diameter of 2.5mm x 2mm, a large drip on e-liquid and 11 mm drip tip. The structure is made of stainless steel, brass pin + nickel plated. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity and again … BUT! Greatly appreciates the fact that the price of the set is really quite small and given the fact that the evaporators for Squonk sets are very few popular manufacturer is doing us a huge gift!

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