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Clearomizer Subtank Nano – the Best Atomizer ever for E Cigarette

Mods is a very important part of any e-cigarette, because their job is his power. Therefore, it is very important to have an adequate quality of the product. The same applies to the products which is subtank or Clearomizer. Now we present one worth a look – Kangertech Subtank Nano.


Why Kangertech Subtank Nano? We answer. This product is a completely new design from well-known and reputable manufacturer. The quality of workmanship is pure perfection. Fully detachable design umożlia easy cleaning and plenty of modding, and Subtank was made for this. Airflow control construction provides 3 different position of air flow.

Kangertech Subtank claromizer revolutionary Nano Tank version of Smoktech. With removable base manufacturer gives you the possibility to use the factory heater or your own. Especially for the atomizer has been designed a new type of heaters OCC (OrganicCotton Coil). OCC coil head uses organic cotton wool as a means of transporting liquid which allows to give a clean, crisp taste and smoke billowing email. The whole is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Clearomizer has air flow control.

30W Box Mod

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30W Box Mod

Cloupor Mini 30W is a product of the highest quality, but before you want to buy it or before you want to buy any other Mod or in addition to e-cigarettes, you have to know what exactly they are and how they choose.


Power in the Cloupor Mini is collected from one or more batteries. Batteries have the feature that give VV and Watts that is falling. Decreasing as vaping. Is also a feature of batteries that can instantly give only some part of your energy. About this tells us how much parameters such as the maximum discharge current and maximum instantaneous discharge current. Such is the battery, among other things Cloupor Mini 30W.

Mods, like Cloupor 30W except that connect together all the elements of the e-cigarette in one functional together and comprise a power button or stop the process steam production in the atomizer imediate the transfer of energy from the battery to the clearomizer. This process always involves a loss of some part of the energy by the mod, and such losses arise either from electrical imperfections, or the portion of the energy consumed by a mod for their own needs, and its low efficiency.

New Joyetech 1500Mah VW Mod

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New Joyetech 1500Mah VW Mod

Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod – news for lovers of e-cigarettes!
When the market appears to be something new for your product, all the time, or how often you use, many lovers of such solutions it decides to try. Exactly the same is true in the case of a series of new tanks for liquid required to e-cig evolved even better flavor and tasted much better. This time it’s about Joyetech 20W Egrip 1500 Box – total new on the market!


Why should you be interested in a product which is Joyetech Egrip 20W Mod ? What is it? Is it just another toy or maybe every fan of electronic-cigarettes should be provided with such a device?

We will try to answer these questions by presenting the basic features of what has Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod. That’s it, it is worth mentioning at the outset is a very compact and truly unique prdukt that has features you will not find one anywhere else. It has a built-in replaceable tank atomizer coil. In addition, the product also contains specially built window for you to check the fluid level. Is based on a 1500mAh battery, and the reservoir is 3.5 ml. It also has an adjustable air flow and a small screw at the base turned to the right closes the flow of air. If you turn it to the left, it will open up the flow of air.

Joyetech Egrip 1500 Mod is really convenient device available in 5 colors! You need to have them!

Are e-cigarettes addictive ?

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Are e-cigarettes addictive ?

Using electronic cigarettes consumed poisonous nicotine tar-free. It is, however, a further highly addictive. It is worth remembering about the possible consequences and dangers of esmoking. Unfortunately, there is no ideal and healthy way to provide this substance into the body.


Tricky advertising:
Many people believe that esmoking is one hundred percent safe for health and the environment. Unfortunately, this is not true. Hardware manufacturers use this argument and compare e-cigarettes to their traditional counterparts. Indeed, while vaping is not inhaled tar but nicotine itself is not natural for the body. Manner of its adoption does not change anything. You have to remember that e-cigarette is a device designed for adults. Should use it only to people who have experience with the usual smoking. Using the machine as a toy might end up deepening addiction to tobacco.

Dismissing risks:
The popularity of e-cigarettes is growing steadily. Access to them is very easy – the device will find in almost every mall. However, most advanced online purchase of this invention. The network has also plenty of forums and websites that describe the operation of e-cigarettes. You can find tips and detailed information on their operation and construction. Electronic smoking will gradually displace traditional cigarettes. Due to the low operating costs and easy operation, the e-cigarette sells better. Many people choose to go also for legal reasons. Devices are not treated as ordinary cigarettes, and they can be used in public places or places of entertainment.
The spiral of addiction:
Unfortunately, the e-cigs greatly contributes to the development of addiction. Access to it should be restricted or controlled. It’s a great invention for those who want to get rid of heavy smoking. It allows you to control the dose of nicotine and tar to limit consumption. For non-smokers and young people but can be a big threat. E-cigarette is addictive in the same way as ordinary smoking. It is worth remembering and consciously use this device. In the future, should be information policy, showing that esmoking is no solution to the problem of addiction. The only way out of addiction can be a complete abandonment of nicotine and their old habits.
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