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E-cigarettes vs traditional cigarettes

Using cigarettes carries a danger not only for smokers, but also for their surroundings. To understand the essence of the matter, was introduced to learn a few technical terms. Smoke divided into a main stream, which is directly drawn into the lungs, and the side stream, that is, the part which escapes at the front of the smoldering cigarette. Passive inhalation-plan is to connect what the smoker exhales into the environment, with the smoke side. This blend of science in environmental smoke is called.

In the case of e-cigarette smoke lateral phenomenon does not occur. The mechanism of evaporation of liquid nicotine activates only during scooping inspiration.
About passive smoking, we can speak only in terms of vapor exhaled by the smoker to the e-environment. By analyzing passive smoking, the researchers found that the content of harmful and toxic substances in the sidestream smoke is many times greater than in the mainstream. This means that the exact amount that is much more harmful if inhaled what escapes from the smoldering cigarette, than the direct borrowing it. Since the passive smokers are exposed mainly to the sidestream smoke, their health is much more likely than commonly used to be considered.
In the numerous studies in tobacco smoke have been identified over 5600 different chemical compounds. However, despite the rapid development of science and technology, several hundred compounds still remain unresolved. In the case of e-cigarettes situation is quite different. The only significant chemical which occurs in the vicinity of e-smoker, is nicotine.
Recent studies show that exposure to passive smokers to nicotine derived from electronic-cigarettes is up to 10 times smaller than traditional cigarettes.

E Smoker Life in Ireland

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E Smoker Life in Ireland

As you’ll see, in order to successfully quit smoking? There is one effective way for it to quit. Sometimes it helps to stop smoking pills, but many are leaving their admission, because they provide numerous side effects.

Methods for throwing

The most common materials to Cytisine, which is a natural alkaloid plant. It would seem that it is noharmful- he has a lot of side effects, which can discourage and make you quit smoking will be even harder. Cytisine is an effective means, and makes smoking cessation can be very simplified, not all operate in a similar degree. Some show increased susceptibility to złotokapu alkaloids, which results in complete removal or potent inhibition of nicotine withdrawal. Quitting cigarettes can also be carried out another droga- his time was very popular nicotine replacement therapy, which does not remove the primary source of addict- nicotine. In fact, smokers are often more dependent not on the same substance, but the circumstances of its adoption. What is worth noting, smoking habit so much comes to us in the rhythm of everyday life, it becomes something gorszym- mental limiter and the center of organizing time.

Fighting smoking

Any struggle with addiction begins in early cause anxiety associated with throwing burning. It is hard to convince ourselves that in fact we do not need cigarettes and that we live in a simple illusion associated with nicotine addiction. This strong belief in the need to adopt for the normal functioning of nicotine is the most dangerous part of the whole tobacco addiction. Available on the market are also very effective slices nicotine- effects of nicotine replacement therapy is mainly based on the fact that we eliminate from our daily lives all the situations in which we deliver nicotine. We begin to separate the habit of everyday situations, moving it mainly in the sphere of pharmacological and making limited to taking your tablets, whether the use of such inventions as nicotine gum.

Harmful smoke

Tobacco addiction is very harmful, causing thousands of deaths each year, limited comfort and to make large sums of money are simply dropped, with the smoke,” which is certainly not a positive development. All decisions relating to the taking up the fight against addiction should be preceded by insightful thoughts, as well as the determination of whether realistically we want to break away from cigarettes. A good strategy can also be cold turkey when we throw without reflection from day to day.

What you have to know about e-cigarettes if you want to use it properly and for a long time

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