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Do you need a universal charger? You have to buy and check NiteCore i2 Intellicharger

How does NitCore Intellicharger i2? The charger itself, automatically identifies the type of battery (Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd), and adapt to the correct charging mode (Charge Constant Current, Constant Voltage Charge and Trickle Charge). Each of the 2 channels charging monitors and charges the electronic cigarette independently (each is controlled by a separate microprocessor).

Although e cig are getting better and more modern, they still need recharging. Therefore, there are many chargers useful to improve life and functioning of these devices. One of the chargers, which is worthy of attention is a universal charger holds 2 batterys NiteCore Intellicharger i2.
Why it is worth buying? The answer is n its capabilities and characteristics. This is mainly chargers. What does it mean? This means that NitCore Intellicharger i2 is compatible with almost all types of batteries. This allows us to carry only one charger and do not worry if a battery is discharged. We do not need to have a few chargers.

Cherry eJuice for eCigarette Ireland

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Cherry eJuice for eCigarette Ireland

Every users of e-cigarettes know that they are not sentenced to feel only traditional smell of the cigarettes while the smoking. They know that there are a lot of possibilities and flavors, which taste so good and allow to an amazing experiences. One of these is Cherry flavor – really nice and expresive taste. If you are beginner e-smoker, don’t worry – you will find our everything. First start by Cherry liquid.


Why is is worth trying?

Cherry is a flavor proposition created by LIQUA, by Ritchy. It is really serious company which specializes in such products. It is worth using LIQUA eliquids because these products are the best quality and are made from chosen carefully proportions. The highest quality is not everything – great taste is the most important. You can feel safe also if you have children because these products have a child lock.

What peoeple say about Cherry flavor?

Opinins are various, but rach of users claim that the tatse is expressive and just perfect. However, there is one condition – you have to like these kinds of flavors. If you are not a fan of fruits flavors, you won’t like it. If you are, the taste will be good for you – delicate cherry flavor, not bland and not too sweet, slightly tart. Just good. Try it!

E-Cigarettes are really uniquie Products

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E-cigarettes are really uniquie roducts

While smoking traditional cigarettes we are sentenced to one or two flavors, e-cigarttes provide an opportunity to taste a lot of various flavors. There is something for people who like traditional taste and for people who like for example fruit flavors, for example. If you belong to the second group, you have to try Berry Mix flavor by LIQUA.


Why this flavor?

Because this is the one of the best liquids in the market, not only because it is signed by ritchy, but Ritchy, the leader in these kinds of products. It is really worth trying because of the expressive taste and really well selected proportions.

People who like fruits and sweet flavors should like Berry Mix because in accordance with the opinions in the Internet, it is one of the best fruits liquids. The taste is sweet and it can be great as a main liquid or as a addition to the ther liquids. One of the users says that he just can’t live without this flavor – it is so great! Another advantage of Berry Mix by LIQUA is the bottle, which is protected against children and a thin tip makes it easy will fill their contributions.

It is worth trying!

The best e-cig and e0juice in Ireland

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The best e-cig and e-juice in Ireland

Do you want to start using electronic-cigarette, but do not know what kind or company to choose? Do not know which company offers a really good juice? In that case, you absolutely must try LIQA e-oil from Ritchy. They offer different flavors and everyone can find something suitable for everyone. Maybe you will try Two Mints flavor?

Good e-cig is one that has a good juice inside. Products from LIQUA line, for exaple Two Mints flavor and other flavors are the best what you can choose. Among the proposals of this company you can find a really great deal – they are fruit flavors, traditional and mint, and many others. You can try all one after the other and never feel bored.

Two Mints flavor and others flavors of e liquid is a proposition for people who don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes and chose e-cigarette instead. Now we can notice a big fashion in smoking e cigarette. Maybe that habit is not good, but it is better than traditional ones, because electroniccigarette healthy and not dangerous for our health.

If you must smoke, choose ecig!

Liqua Cuban Flavour Ireland

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Liqua Cuban flavour Ireland

Do you like the smell of e-cigarette but you don’t want to smoke traditional ones? You want to try ecig but you don’t know what flavor can be the best? If you like traditional flavor or a taste of cigars, we have a great proposition for you. You just have to try Cuban Cigar Tobbaco eLiquid LIQUA made by Ritchy.
Why this juice ?

Because not only this e liquid, Cuban Cigar Tobbaco but every juice by Ritchy are really unique and made by carefully selected ingredients and proportions with preserve the best flavors. All of the Liqua ingredients, which means propylene glycol, glycerol, vegetable flavors and nicotine withstand the highest standards of production. All fluids undergo thorough biomarker tests. During the productions, manufacturers use the purest nicotine from tobacco.

So If you want to try or if you are looking for new flavors of electronic-cigarette e liquid and like cigar flavor, Cuban Cigar Tobbaco e liquid can be perfect for you. It is the best liquid for real men, but also for women who like vivid sensations.

Try and enjoy!

Liqua another Tobacco Flavour

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Liqua another Tobacco Flavour

E-cig better than traditional one?

The stench of smoke and butts. We see them everywhere. Opponents of smoking have much bad to say about this. Fortunately, appeared on the market a device that makes the wolf is sated and the sheep survived. The e cigarette is slowly conquering the world. It burns, but it emits only harmless water vapor. It does not smell, quite the contrary. e cigarette have a great variety of flavors including, for example fruit or mint. But if you like the taste of a traditional cigarette, and do not want to smoke real cigarettes, you should be interested in Bright Tobacco eJuice, from Ritchy.

Products Ritchy an offer worth of interest because it is a leader in the market that offers the best quality products. You can be assured that the e-liquid flavor Bright Tobacco or other flavors are healthy and the e-cigarette will not hurt you. There are a lot of benefits. Among other things, that you can use them anywhere, because it does not harm anyone. In the bus or at the bus stop – unless of course someone does not blow up in your face.
eliquid Bright Tobacco flavor or other propositions are created for people with sublime taste. Don’t waste the time and try!

Peach eJuice Ireland

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Peach eJuice Ireland

How to choose eJuice to e-cig?

Decides about replacing traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarette is so very simple. We have to just understand that smoking cigarettes true does not give any positive benefits, but since we are addicted or just like to smoke, we can change this habit for a healthier, without compulsion of changing it. The way for it are e-cigarette that do not taste just like a traditional cigarette – you can buy a variety of flavor, such as Peach and soak up the wonderful sensations.

But how to choose ejuice for ecigarette? Is it really important?

Of course! Experienced e-cig smokers know how important is the quality of these products. They know that these products should be of high quality, of course, of the highest quality. Peach flavour LIQUA line of Ritchy fulfill  these expectations.

Why e-juice Peach taste by Ritchy is worth trying? Especially because of mentioned the highest quality and carefully selected proportions and ingredients. Ritchy is a leader on the market. You have to use only best quality products if you want to feel good and have a good taste in your mouth.

Liqua Traditional Tobacco Ireland

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