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E-Liquid Traditional Tobacco

E-liquid Traditional Tobacco – traditional taste of cigarettes with attention to health

Do you like e-cig, but you know that they are not healthy? Do you want to quit smoking, but like it too much? Don’t worry, we have great the solution for you! You just have to try e cig, which have one big advantage over traditional cigarettes – you can change the taste whenever you want!

How is this possible?

Easier than you think. The most important characteristic of  electronic-cigarette is the ability to change ejuice, which is responsible for a flavor that you feel while using this product. You can change it but you don’t have to – if you like tobbaco flavor, you can use the Traditional Tobbaco juice LIQUA created by Ritchy and enjoy the healthy smoking.


Why you should choose Traditional Tobbaco e juice?

There are few reasons, but the most important are:

99 % of nicotine
the highest quality of flavor and aroma
child Lock
carefully selected proportions
containers are hygienic
the impossibility of spontaneous opening of the cups

Are you interested? Buy Traditional Tobbaco liquid, try and enjoy!

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