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Aspire Atomizer Mini

New from Aspire – Nautilius Mini BVC Tube

aspire-18-nautilus- mini-set

Nautilus Mini is the new generation of clearomizers. It is made of stainless steel and glass Pyrex. Nautilus Mini uses heaters BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil). This ensures a longer service life of the heating system, while giving users the purest taste liquid. Nautilus Mini includes an improved system of four ports controlling the flow of air.

Package Contents:

1 x Mini Clearomizer Nautilus,
1 x eGo cone,
1 x User Manual.

Product Features:

Stainless steel,
Adjustable air flow
Pyrex glass tube
Capacity 2ml,
BVC | BDC (bottom double heater)
Elegant shape



Electronic Cigarette Ireland

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Electronic Cigarette Ireland



Practically everyone has heard about e cig. It’s the latest fashion, seen more often on the streets of our cities. People buy e cig both onlinestores and stationary . Is the development of this device could threaten the large tobacco corporations?

Big Boom

According to a survey carried out by many different companies and research agencies, electroniccigarette can establish effective fight against big tobacco corporations. Impressed income and the development of e cigarette is more and more retailers and wholesalers, distributing popular, ordinary cigarettes and tobacco. e-cigarette are selling better in virtually all countries around the world. The main reason for this state of affairs are low cost and their less harmful to human health. Most of the production of these devices is done in China.

Interesting Comparison

Many experts compares the situation of electronic-cigarette to energy drinks. At one time this type drinks have become extremely popular. Currently, every major manufacturer has its own brand of beverages. Just as ecigarette, drinks were not initially accepted by society. There were also voices talking about their harmful effects on health and well-being. Over time, people get accustomed to them and there have been no legal restrictions on their distribution. Virtually every shop we find out at least a few brands of energy drinks. Likewise, it may be in the future e cigarette.

(No) Even Match

Development of the market for e-cigarette the most hits in the big tobacco companies. They will try to lobby and influence politicians. The result may be a change in the law on the issue of e-smoking. Today, in many countries there are virtually no rules on this issue. In the next few years we will know in which direction to roll out the changes. Steels are also conducted research on the impact of electronic-cigarette on health. Announcement of unfavorable results could dramatically affect the development of the invention and the market.

Uncertain Future

Concerns manufacturers, meanwhile, are not interested consumers. People turn to ecigarette are increasingly willing. Every day there are new importers and manufacturers of these devices. On the market begin to circulate more and more money. For this reason, we can be sure that we will hear a lot more about this.

E-Cigarette Facts and Myths

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E-Cigarette Facts and Myths

After the article about Groving Market of E Cigarette

Today finally something about the Facts and Myths of E-Cig`s





E-cig was launched in 2007 and offers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Most e cigarette resembles the ordinary. The main difference is the way of action – e-cigarette do not contain tobacco.

Mechanism of Action

Instead, we find there a mechanism which heats the juice nicotine, which turns to steam, inhaled and exhaled by smokers. Manufacturers and satisfied customers say it is a new way of smoking is much better than traditional cigarettes. This opinion is not shared by some health experts and research centers. There are questions about the possible side effects of inhalation of vapors, as well as other risks that may pose e-cig – both users and the public.
Supporters and opponents of

Proponents of e cig say that they feel better using the device than if they smoked tobacco cigarettes, and because ecigarette is reusable, save money.

Some praise electroniccigarette, telling that helped them quit smoking. But if the electronic cigarette safe? Is it a healthier option of taking nicotine, or the more adventurous choice?

Any person considering the purchase of the device and its use should know the following facts:

(No) Smoking

e cigarette may look like ordinary cigarettes, but there is one major difference – you do not need matches or a lighter. Instead, they have a battery cartridge, atomizer and clearomizer. The device comes to heat the e-juice and the formation of mist, which the user inhales. Nicotine is delivered to the lungs, and exhaled. Everything looks just like an ordinary cigarette while smoking. However, there is no smell or toxic substances.

Many research agencies and health experts are not sure whether the e-cig is safe. Although there are hundreds of companies worldwide that produce and sell ecigarette, the manufacturers are not subject to any rules relating to health security. Some health experts are concerned that the side effects of inhaling pure nicotine have not yet been sufficiently explored and are therefore unknown. In addition, some manufacturers do not disclose all the chemical components in their e-cigarettes. The amount of nicotine may therefore not correspond to information given in the catalogs.

e-cigarette are sold internationally and can be easily purchased online. Were originally invented in China by Ruyan, but are now produced by several companies in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Impact on children

ecigarette manufacturers claim that their products are not directed at young people and children. However, their offer will find a wide range of flavors that may appeal to children – chocolate, caramel, strawberry and even chewing gum. In addition, electronic cigarette are sold online, to facilitate purchases to non-18.


electronic cigarette are available at different prices, depending on the manufacturer, model, and style. A typical starter kit, which includes electroniccigarette, battery and several e juice, can cost from 20 to 80 EUR. Consumers can purchase eliquid bulk and complement it by yourself, which reduces costs.


electronic-cigarette are battery-powered, reusable, but users need to be regularly recharged. Some users have complained about the need for frequent battery replacement, but it all depends on the quality of the device and purchased the battery.

Public places

e-cigarette is a relatively young invention. Around the world has not yet been included in the legal codes. In many countries, you can use it even where traditional smoking is prohibited.


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The growing market of e cigarette

Last time was about The future of Electronic Cigarette Ireland

Today let`s talk about The growing market

The Irish market of E-Cigarette work more and more retailers and points involved in the sale of e-cigarette and related accessories. electronic-cigarette are relatively cheap, as well as their parts and oil necessary for e-smoking. We find many different models of e cigarette. Most of them falls in the price range from 30 to 60 EUR. Additionally, you can choose flavor and nicotine strenght. It is worth mentioning that e cig can be used even in places smokefree. In our country, ecig are not treated as tobacco products. Therefore, they can be used virtually anywhere.


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The future of electronic-cigarette Ireland

Previous was about  The new trend among smokers

Today something about the Future of e cig ie ??

Manufacturers constantly update and improve equipment offered for sale. E cigarette is

constantly evolving. It can be expected that in the future e-cigarette are even more

durable and comfortable.

Due to the rising prices of traditional cigarettes and regulations, the number of people of alternative smoking will be grow up. In many countries, this method is slowly displace
well known cigarettes. A lot also depends on the tobacco companies.

Fearing the loss of profit they may try to exert influence on governments and amend the rules allowing e cig to use.

One thing is certain electronic-cigarette permanently etched into our life.


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