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The new trend among smokers

Fashion for smoking traditional cigarettes slowly passing away. Most people wonder how to get rid of this addiction. Society with less and less tolerance approaches to all smokers. The market recently available is an e-cigarette. How does it work?


The unexpected popularity

Electronic Cigarette on the Irish market is a product available recently. On the global debut more than eight years ago, but only some time ago they were dealing with online-shop selling this device in our country. E-cig fit perfectly the needs of Irish consumers. Constantly rising prices of regular cigarettes and a growing number of bans their use of E Cigarette provide a high popularity. It seems that this trend will continue to grow and will soon market should further be enlarged. Traditional cigarettes, which so significantly etched into our environment go slowly to rest. Most people have enough inhalation of carcinogenic compounds, odor and passive smoking.


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New Kanger Clearomizer

Long time waiting, finally available in our shop KangerTech AeroTank Mega


Kanger AeroTank MEGA is the latest well-known and respected producer – Kanger Technology. Atomizer has all the features that today determine the usefulness of the product. The heart AeroTank MEGA is double heater placed at the bottom, which guarantees us an incredible amount of steam and easy use-without the need of every moment to reverse clearomizer, as it used in devices with coil heads mounted on top.

To complete the dining experience with Kanger AeroTank equipped with air flow control, which takes place by the ring positioned in the base. All adjustments to the air flow takes place through the opening in the rotary ring, which must coincide with one of the holes located beneath the ring.

In addition, MEGA AeroTank can boast nearly 4 ml capacity, which most e-smokers will provide all day vaping without “refills”. 🙂

A multitude of these functionalities hides an incredibly robust and durable housing made ​​of stainless steel of the highest quality and laboratory glass, commonly known as Pyrex, which is resistant to even the most invasive aromas.

In a word, AeroTank MEGA is the answer to the most demanding e smokers

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