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10ml e-juice for electronic cigarette from Liqueen

Previous post was about Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Today New product in the shop eLiquid Very Strawberry Liqueen


Distinctive flavor, natural and without the addition of chemical flavors. When vaping tastes like strawberry directly from the bush. Minimally

noticable sweet flavour and yet a little sweet cream. First association of strawberry candy, but it is not sweet and more strawberry.

We recommend as a nice variation of  fruit

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Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Clearomizer with interchangeable heaters

Last time we described Color Clearomizer BCC

Today let`s focus on eGo Ce4+ Clearomizer


All elements (drip tip, sleeve , the heater and the base ) can take to the parts . This solution is in so comfortable that, from now on, in the case when the coil head (the most vulnerable to exploitation and the most part of the wear- Atomizer ) breaks down, it can be replaced without having to order new and original undoubted Clearomizer incurred as a result of minimizing the costs . Replacement coil head you can buy already for 2 euros. Full dismounted clearomizer also allows us a more precise cleaning , and thus to keep it in great condition for a longer period of time.

Aesthetic appearance clearomizer , scoop indicating the level contained in the sleeve liquid: as well as high resistance used to create it plastic – it all makes clearomizer eGo Ce4+ unrivaled and leading in its category.

Trivially easy to use ! Clearomizer can be refilled straight from the bottle !
Additional information :

– Thread type – eGo
– Capacity – 1.6ml
– Length – 73mm
– Resistance ~ 2.2-2.4 Ohm

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Have look previous post   BATTERY FOR E-CIGARETTE 650 MAH

Today New Clearomizer H2.


Atomizers are cheaper and better than eGo atomizers Series: does not leak, not heat dry and the taste is not blazing. It is clean and easy to refill (for washing and cleaning the GSH2 clearomizer can use ordinary water).

Clearomizer H2 also known as the GSH2 is the latest product with replacement coil head in the base of  atomizer. These newly designed clearomizers are built with one tube and equipped eGo thread. Atomizer GSH2 filled from the bottom, unscrewing the base of clearomizer, they are made of durable plastic. Characterized by excellent taste and huge amounts of exhaust smoke.

Clearomizer without replacement heating unit enough for 500-600 puffs. GSH2 atomizer has low resistance 2.2ohm-2.4ohm

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Previous post was about E-Cigarette Joyetech eGo-C 650mAh

Finally we would like introduce Battery EVOD 1100mAh

eBattery EVOD is a new version of acclaimed by users classical model eGo battery for e-cig.
Suitable for most available clearomizers with eGo/510 thread.
battery for e cigarette has length is 8.3 cm. Her true capacity of 650 mAh allows for a very long time use.
We have these powerful versions of 1100mAh which will satisfy even the most demanding vapours
It is made of high quality materials. This is a powerful battery for electronic cigarette that can be recharged many times.
The Battery maintains a voltage of 3.75 V-3, 2V, until it is discharged
The battery for e-cig has a 3 – signaling a gradual discharge.
Highlight Color button shows the current level of Battery charge.
You already have quite standard colors?

Available Evod Battery colors :

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E-Cigarette Joyetech eGo-C 650mAh

E-Cigarette Joyetech eGo-C 650mAh

Last time we described Battery eGo V V3 Mega 1300mAh

Today we would like  introduce Perfect Kit from Joyetech with 650mAh battery Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit


The device is built known from previous products Joye security system ” 5 -click ”. If you want to turn off the device , click the button five times , introducing electronic-cigarette to sleep. To the right again to unlock the battery press the button again 5x the battery. This method prevents the accidental inclusion of the e-cigarette in your pocket or in your backpack.

Atomizer eGo – C  is proven in previous versions of System Tank. The eGo -C uses a newer model allows you to easily replace the heater itself . In this way, the costs of using e -cigarettes can be greatly reduced.

Cartridges for this type of atomizer are translucent or transparent viewing window , so we can control the amount of liquid: remaining in the reservoir without pulling.

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